3 SEO Marketing Tools for Your Website

Marketing your website isn’t easy, these 3 SEO marketing tools are a must have for optimizing and promoting your website.

1. Engage with snackable content

Many people neglect to think of content as a marketing tool. This is a huge mistake!

  • Industry-specific content: Many companies find a lot of success in honing in on industry-related content and producing articles and video related to it. For instance, if your company sells auto parts, you might make how-to videos explaining how users can do DIY maintenance on their cars, like changing brake lights and oil — which happen to be two products that you sell!
  • Social media presence: Social media is definitely a marketing tool that you can leverage to bring people into your website. Using social media as part of your marketing strategy is essential in getting the word out about your brand. The last thing you want is for users to associate your brand with boring ads that clog up their feeds. Instead, deliver interesting and genuinely cool content, like original video from influencers enjoying your products, when serving up ads.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Nobody wants to buy anything from a brand they don’t trust. By prominently featuring customer reviews and personal testimonials on your site, you help potential customers feel more confident in working with you. Plus, people genuinely want to read reviews — it’s one of the main forms of content that users come looking for when they explore your website.

2. Build Outreach & Your SEO

Overview: Are you new to search engine optimization?

  • Develop quality content: Remember the last strategy? Well, as luck would have it, quality content isn’t just great for engaging users, it can help you boost your rankings on Google, too! Google rewards high-quality content creators, and its algorithms are clever enough to know what’s real and what’s garbage — so get your best writers and videographers together and start creating!
  • Use keywords: Keywords help narrow down a user’s search results; you want to make sure that your site shows up front and center with the right keywords instead of falling through the cracks. Use a keyword research tool to make sure you optimize content.
  • Links, links, links: Google can tell whether you’re trustworthy based on how many other sites link to your site. The more, the better — Google wants to see that people are referring their users to your business. Make deals with colleagues and people in parallel industries and see whether they will link to your web page from their sites — you can do the same for them in return, and boost both your rankings!

Outreach is critical to achieve this!

Outreach almost speaks for itself in that you are literally reaching out to individuals and businesses in order to gain access to websites and build authority on certain subject matter as a source of credibility online and within your industry. There’s a LOT that goes into outreach; which is why I’m going to spend some extra time on it with these awesome curated SEO marketing tools and resources:

a) Learn How To Pitch

Proving that you’re not some spam bot by taking the time to reach out with a humanized approach toward initiating contact works extremely well. This can happen through a number of ways, but the most common is e-mail.

b) Outreach Automation Tools

Even the most together marketer needs a little help getting their concepts going, which can lead to a panicked search for outreach tools. Fortunately, there are plenty of great new SEO marketing tools and resources popping all the time. Below you will find a list of 5 of the top SEO marketing tools for outreach that will help you identify industry leaders as well as trending topics:

c) E-Mail Outreach

Although e-mail outreach isn’t anything new to the expert marketer, it’s still one of the top SEO marketing tools in the industry to connect and personalize your interaction with individuals and groups that you deem important to your company. E-mails allow you to give a voice and a digital face to your cause rather than just pitching a quick note over some sort of social media site. It may not be quite as personal as snail mail or a cold call, but it will get the message across if you know how to properly word your document. F

3. Snag your leads with CRO

SEO gets users onto your site and engaging with your content, but to ensure you finish a sale or land a deal, you need CRO — conversion rate optimization.

  • Ask for an email in exchange for content: Maybe you produce industry-leading whitepapers, or maybe you’ve got some sweet promotions to offer; either way, have users offer their email in exchange for the goodies.
  • Include calls to action: Let’s say a user is reading your blog post explaining how to make the perfect bolognese. In the post, be sure to include a large, brightly colored button that entices users to act by purchasing the delicious bolognese sauce your spaghetti delivery startup makes.
  • Make your pitch: At the end of the day, users still know that you’re looking to make a deal with them. Be honest, and explain what sets your company apart from the competition. For instance, take a look at this video from the About page on this dental plan service: it makes clear why businesses should partner with their company.



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Christopher London

Chris London, Owner/Marketing Director for Pixel Productions Inc, is an expert in brand building, Ecommerce Development, and online marketing.