How to Create Evergreen Content

Creating Evergreen Content Drives More Traffic With far Fewer Posts

When you create evergreen content you can rank for a LOT of high volume keywords for a long period of time.

Evergreen Content Defined

Benefits of Publishing Evergreen Content

There are several key advantages to publishing evergreen content, one of which is the fact that people will always be searching for it. If you publish an article about a current event, it may receive some initial traffic before slowly dying off. Evergreen articles, on the other hand, are always in high demand since they are not time-sensitive.

Tips on Crafting Evergreen Content:

  • Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool to uncover high-traffic, low-competition keywords that are associated with your website’s niche.
  • Follow the mantra of “quality over quantity.” A single article of exceptional quality is worth more than two or even three articles of mediocre quality.
  • Keep an eye on your website’s statistics to determine which evergreen articles have the most hits. Using this information, you can replicate the process with similar articles.
  • If you’re running out of evergreen topics, scan through some of your competitors’ websites to see what they are doing. You obviously don’t want to copy their work, but you can use it for inspiration.
  • Remember, you shouldn’t focus all of your efforts on evergreen content. Diversifying your website with both time-sensitive news-style articles and evergreen content will allow you to reach a broader audience.
  • Top Tips
  • Instructional “How To” Tutorials
  • Encyclopedia-esque Entries
  • Product Reviews
  • Videos

Use of Images & Branding

Don’t make your evergreen content easy to copy or steal.

How To Articles:

What you will often find is that evergreen content tends to be in the “how to” column of content formats with sites like:



If it’s your goal to start writing evergreen content for your blog, then remember these steps; write for your readers, narrow your topic and make sure that your content is comprehensive but not too technical.

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