Make the Most of Your Adwords Campaign: Google Adwords Best Practices

Adwords Best Practices to Dominate Google with a Positive ROI

Do you want to make your Adwords investment count? If so, use the Adwords best practices found here.

1. Try the “Search Network Only” Campaign First

When you’re starting out, it’s best to keep it simple.

Google Adwords Search Campaign

2. Find the Right Mix of Customer Demand and Competition

A huge part of your AdWords campaigns is a proper keyword strategy, but that’s easier said than done. To find the right keywords for your campaign, you have to take into account the search volume, the cost, and the competition for each keyword.

  • Is it possible that he/she is only researching with no intention to buy?
Google Adwords Forcast

3. Write Current Ads

Although many AdWords ads are evergreen, meaning that they stay relevant for months, those that stay current often see higher click-through rates.

4. Be Specific with Your Ads and Write the End Goal

A part of a compelling ad is a compelling headline. You only have 25 characters for this space, so you have to make sure to make it count.

5. Build Local Campaigns

In many instances, local campaigns work better than generic ads. Even if the service you’re offering doesn’t even need to be local (ex: it’s done online), people prefer getting it from a nearer source.

6. Schedule Your Ads

You might think that running your ads 24/7 gives you the best results, but that’s not the case.

7. Use AdWords Extensions

AdWords extensions allow you to offer additional information in your ads. With this feature, you can add call buttons in your ads, provide links to specific pages on your website, or offer your shop’s location. You may even add callout extensions, such as “24/7 customer support.”

Google Ad Extensions

8. Evaluate the Performance of Your Ads

Launching well-researched ads is crucial, but evaluating their performance is just as important. Even if you did everything right when creating an ad, there might be times when it isn’t working as you expected.

9. Always Test Your Ads

We’ve mentioned above that an ad may not be working for no reason at all, even when you think you did everything right. That’s why it’s important to test everything, including the ones you think might not work.

Keep Learning about AdWords Best Practices

The above are some of the Google AdWords best practices, but there’s still a lot to learn. Keep on exploring AdWords and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends by visiting our blog.



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